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25 februari 2020

Hermespand Bridgehead

This short, but rare personal account shows the German viewpoint of the battle fought for the Hermespand bridgehead in early February 1945. As the...

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22 januari 2020

Missing in action at Dausfeld

I believe it was 2013 when I first came into contact with Jerry Senear, son of Pfc. Orvis Senear who was killed in action...

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14 januari 2020

Brandscheid – The Verdun of the Eifel

The following story will give a perspective about the battle fought for the village of Brandscheid in February 1945. The small village in the...

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13 januari 2020

Oh, so young

The following remarkable story is written by Frank Douglas, member of F Company, 2nd Battalion, 8th US Infantry Regiment. This is one of the...

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12 januari 2020

Operations of Company “I”, 8th Infantry – east of Olzheim

It was June 2008 when we for the first time visited the battlefield along the PrĂ¼m river, thanks to my good friend Edwin van...

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10 januari 2020

Six days in 1945

This story is written by Edwin D. Williams in 1992, member of F Company, 2nd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment. This first-hand account tells what...

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