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On this website you can find educative information about the battle fought for the German town of Prüm and the surrounding area of the Schnee Eifel during February and March 1945. This region was fought for after the famous Battle of the Bulge and is less known to the public. On the basis of this website I hope to provide the reader a detailed story of these events.

I will divide the story into two main chapters: “The drive on Prüm”, which covers the American advance through the Siegfried line in the Schnee Eifel sector towards the town of Prüm in February 1945. And the “Prüm river crossing”, which was part of Operation Lumberjack. This chapter will cover the American advance over the Prüm river until they reached the Kyll river in early March 1945. These two chapters are fact based. However, the website will also provide the reader several personal and more detailed stories. Also, a large photo database of the battlefield will be provided for the audience that are based overseas.

I urge readers who have more information, photos and stories of this battle, American or German, to send them in so this website can be updated regularly, and history is not forgotten. I, the author of this website am of Dutch origin, therefore I would like to apologize for any spelling mistakes. People who have questions or information can write to me in English or German.

Contact: info@vantrommelen.nl
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