MG15 saddle magazine found on the surface near Gondelsheim

German gasmask discovered at the Prüm river line

This US M1 helmet was picked up 75 years ago on this field in the background in Olzheim

This German verhicle track came to the surface when the small roundabout in Sellericherhöhe was build in 2014. It was found at the Prümerstrasse / Burgstrasse junction

M1 bayonet scabbard that was left behind during the battle for Prüm

Jerrycan found near the Schneifel ridge

These German shell cases were found on the surface of a plowed field in Niedermehlen

Remnants of an US helmet liner found on Leekopp, 2014

Farmers gift to the author. US 105mm shell casings from Niedermehlen

Battle damaged US canteen found in the Schneifel forest

These jerrycans were used to make a barn in Gondenbrett

This Panzerfaust was dropped when it was fired in the Weinsheimer Hardt woods 75 years ago

German jerrycan that was used as a shovel, found in a barn in Wallersheim

Saved from the scrabyard. All kinds of war material that were left behind in Walcherath

US entrenching tool discovered near Prüm

A farmer in Hermespand is still making good use of this US cable reel, a spare one can be seen laying in the background

Battle damaged canteencup found on the Schneifel ridge

US gasmask found in 2012

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